The expression of expertise
for 8 generations
250 years of history

The history of our wine estate in Grande Champagne

For eight generations, the Gauthier Family has been cultivating vines and producing Cognac. Our vines are located on the limestone slopes of Malaville, one of the 26 townships of Grande Champagne, premier cru of Cognac. Suffice to say that the Cognac of the GAUTHIER Family is the expression of a history, a tradition and an unequaled expertise, transmitted from Father to Son for 250 years.
Our spirits

Cognac and Pineau des Charentes

Our cognac has come exclusively from our wine estate for 4 generations. 3 families of Cognac, ranging from VSOP Cognac to XO Cognac, from aperitif to digestive.
We have been making Pineau des Charente since 1997 and today we offer 3 ranges of Pineau des Charente, all from our parcel of vines called Le Paradis.
Direct sale of Cognac and Pineau des Charentes at the estate in Bellevigne

Dare the fizzy OSE!

OSE, our alcohol-free product for young and old, will bring lightness and sparkle to your social occasions.

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